This time I did an illustration for creativeorganism and their client Phineas!  I designed the character Major Phineas Dingleberry as a jungle hunter riding his velocipede for the label of Phineas INDIAN TONIC WATER.


The rugby wordlcup 2011 is taking over New Zealand! The opening is already this Friday, so you can actually feel the exitement like a vibe through the streets of Auckland, slowly warming up by the first warmth of spring. This rugby illustration was done as a postcard.

AIR NEW ZEALAND and TVNZ are collaborating for a new tv show calledMy Kind of Place about celebrities in Australia. Tim Dawsonscompany Ghoststreet created the representing website and I have done all the big Illustrations for the several episodes, next to smaller versions for web advertising boxes.


Mad about hats was the theme of my flatmates birthday. She loves pictures of Adrian Vetriano, with dressed up, dancing people on the beach, umbrellas in their hands. And on one of the sunday markets we have seen this beautiful, massive goldfisch, sparcling in different colors. These topical components have been combined in this illustration, drawn in AdobeIllustrator.


Images&Sounds, one of the oldest postproduction companys New Zealands, asked me for a concept art. They are currently working on a documentary about the antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shakelton (1914-1917). They needed a look and feel for the following digital platform. This picture was created out of archive photographies and shots of the current production. It’s a montage of several pictures I drawed in, combined with color layers and gradients. This glossy, rough and iced look is supposed to be used in big picture buttons for the website and as the style for the onlinegame graphics.


The winter is getting hot! For the december issue of the STUZ magazine I made a title that shows a different christmas angel. Find more information about this magazine at!

This illustration is the second version of my new header in a golden look. It was drawn in AdobeIllustrator and finalized in AdobePhotoshop.

These images are some results of experiments with cinema4d.

tapiro der Kinderbrowser is a new, safe and modern children´s browser. As part of my diploma I made the concept and design for all elements of this program in cooperation with bureau23.

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