As the Lead Game Artist and Art Director of Images&Sound Ltd. I developed the Game Art and Design of their iPhone Game Indie Music Manager. I was building up the game department team, worked directly with the client, director of the game and close with the development company. I produced the graphics for the main parts of the game world and the complete UI elements, lead a team of 7 other designers and trained juniors.  I was also deeply involved in the Project Management and worked mainly with Adobe Photoshop, Flash and MSExel. -Sept 12-

Images&Sound Ltd., one of the oldest postproduction companys New Zealands, asked me for a digital platform for their documentary “Shakelton’s Captain”, about the antarctic expedition of Sir Ernest Shakelton (1914-1917). The picture is a montage out of several archive photographies and shots of the production. In the game you play the battle against time, stucked in the packice and tracked in the unreal world far out in the cold antarctic. The onlinegame is one part of the digital platform, integrated in a multimedia website with videos, archive material and scenes of the production of the documentary. -August 11-To hook up new passengers in the Gayszene of Auckland, Ritchies busses cooperates with and started an offensive and exclusive advertisement and marketing strategy. Therefor I do all the designwork, interactive elements included. -July 11-

MIDNIGHT POOL is a fictional game defined by Gameloft as an application test. The task was to design a fun family pool ambianced main menu for a Wii pool game. My concept is playing with the depth of field related to 3 dimensionality of a pool table. It pulls the player into the joyful world of pool gaming. -Jan 11-

This image shows a concept for an iPhone Game. The Warrior Interface has a simple and concise fantasy-warrior look. -Dec 10-


safey is a software, which encrypts any kind of data and documents. I created the interface and logo during my employment at bureau23. Get safey or more information at -Aug 10-

Der Datensafe


tapiro der Kinderbrowser is a safe and modern children´s browser. As part of my diploma I made the concept and design for all elements of this program in cooperation with bureau23. -Dec 09-