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showreel 2010 small | from Kristin Hetze on Vimeo.


Shackleton’s Captain is the title animation for the equal named documentary produced by Making Movies and Gebrueder Beetz. The visual and special effects are done by Images&Sound. They booked me for this animation again after the co-operation for the digital platform.

Shackleton’s Captain Titel from Kristin Hetze on Vimeo.

To hook up new passengers in the Gayszene of Auckland, Ritchies busses cooperates with and started an offensive and exclusive advertisement and marketing strategy. Therefor I do all the designwork, animated elements included.

black doors is a fictitious trailer for a  scary movie. All elements are  created with real-painted footage.

SLATHA is a movie about the good and the bad, beeing attacked by something, beating back and finally win. After keying the girl I built a cloudy-world and combined some clouds with film-material.  The typographic-animation was also done in this environment. Therefore I often worked with camera-movements.